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"I have had a chronic neck/back issue for the past few years. I recently had a couple issues with my foot too. I found out about Dr. Jeremy and decided to see him when I was in pain. He connected the dots for me, and helped me understand that my body was misaligned based on his evaluation of my aches and pains. He is not only knowledgeable about every aspect of the body, but he is so careful when doing adjustments." - Natalie S.

"Dr. Jeremy B is amazing! He spends time getting to know you as a person and delivers a high quality of care. He is compassionate and professional at every level. His treatment is thorough and he won't miss a beat trying to understand your overall health picture, and explaining how he can help you." - Jud S.

"Jeremy is my body's life savior! I came in to see him after having over a month's worth of upper and lower back pain. He thoroughly assessed my back and neck to determine what was causing the pain. During the whole time he was extremely informative to what the problems were, what was causing them and what he was doing to fix them." - Tiffany R.


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Pain is debilitating both mentally and physically

Chiropractic helps alleviate pain naturally through a system of adjusting the spinal column by hand for the correction of misalignments and joint fixations known as subluxations. Chiropractors use palpation techniques, orthopedic tests, and imaging to help find subluxations along your spine. Through gentle spinal adjustments, a chiropractor can remove subluxations to eliminate muscular tension, vanish away back pain, and recharge your body. Everyone can benefit from regular chiropractic care to maintain joint mobility and prevent back pain.